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Lifestyle Mason's

During the 1970s, the American marcatino in Livorno was a slice of America on Italian ground, a collection of objects, military garments, and gadgets of all kinds admired by collectors with passion or simple curiosity. America was literally within reach of the community. It was in this precise context that the Mason's Brand matured: the idea of creating civilian garments that conserve the aesthetic characteristics, durability, and functionality of military garments. 

Awareness of the potential of this combination of a strong Italian artisanal tradition with military inspiration did not occur immediately: it was followed by an instinct and an application of great know-how and intuition. We knew the starting point, but, in that initial moment, the horizons were many. Today we know that the way was indicated and the evolution circulated and brought back to its origin not by accident: it brought us to the Italianity, taste for beauty, and importance placed on quality and significant details that make Mason's 100% Made in Italy

The soul of Mason's is the cotton Libertador, soft and resistant, washed, treated, tinted, and torn. There is no existing treatment that has not been tried and approved. Our history is our archive, a series of unique garments, prototypes, best sellers that are in fact timeless and seasonless. The garment brings the history to itself its bearer. Of the locations visited and the people encountered. 

There is a quality of intentions that, through gestures and words, apparently different among themselves, has the same goal: to define the essence, furnish a synthetic answer to the complexity of life. To represent oneself, to be aware of one's space, to propagate one's self in the world, to dress oneself, to choose the aesthetics that belong to one's self, to satisfy increasingly complicated requests: for all of these reasons, fashion and clothing continue to have an important role. 

From this perspective, the Mason's brand presents itself: sophisticated and conceptually complex but resolving itself in an apparent simplicity. Aesthetics at the service of functionality. A democratic way to dress.