Frieda & Freddies

Frieda & Freddies New York symbolically translates into men & woman, originating from the east coast, USA.  

In the 1970s Frieda & Freddies was the name of two infamous Discotheques in Miami and New York, with the label being personified by two little Chihuahuas named “Frieda & Freddies”.

Amongst other things, the MIAMI VICE TV series was set in the two clubs; simultaneously a wild, screaming and colourful clothing collection was based around the clubbing scene featuring T-Shirts and sweatshirts. Within no time the Frieda & Freddies collection advanced into a Must - Have brand relying largely on funky Disco prints and Hawaii Shirts.

Not only did countless Hollywood stars, such as Jackie O, Steve McQueen & Paul Newman wear Frieda & Freddies to fame, but further was the cast of MIAMI VICE clothed in Frieda’s couture. As a result, Frieda & Freddies became absolute cult in the 80’s, far beyond Miami and New York. Nevertheless the decline of the Discotheque are in the 90’s also affected the Hype around Frieda & Freddies.

This changed drastically, when in 2005 Lebek & Friends took over the trademark rights and developed a collection for Europe.  The fresh and young collection were vastly extended to an extensive lifestyle collection.